Formats Available

Currently John Hancock Productions is delivery all content on a Standard DVD. All Weddings and Receptions are to be captured in the High Definition format, HDV, and each package is geared to providing one high definition video disc. The technology for producing these discs are now emerging on the market and John Hancock Productions will soon be delivery the high definition discs in the near future.

Interactive Menus

Included in your Wedding and Reception packages is the building of an interactive menu on each DVD. Each menu contains a chapter list of each major section in your wedding and reception DVD. This allows the viewer to select specific chapters, if they wish to skip certain sections. Also a DVD menu enables a viewer to get relaxed and situated as they prepare to watch their unforgetable memories on their special wedding day.

Printing and Packaging

To complete your DVD experience, John Hancock Production offers the custom designing and printing of DVD box covers and labels. Each one of your wedding and reception DVD's will come with professionally printed box covers and thermal printed DVD labels. We take pride in our packaging so that our productions will fit in with the Hollywood DVD's. The thermal printed label creates a seal on the image so that it will not smear, like the inkjet competitors.