High Definitino Information

What is High Definition Video?
High Definition video has more than twice the imgae resolution of a Standard Definition video (DV). Where Standard Definition only shows 480 pixels (lines), our High Definition material is shot with 1080 pixels. High definition is the highest level of picture quality available which will enable you to experience your wedding video in the best color and depth.

Why choose High Definition?
At the current trend in video, High Definition video is becoming more main stream. With the introduction to Blu-Ray and HD-DVD discs, it is now possible to view your wedding at home. Just like Standard Definition VHS tapes, DVD's will some day become a thing of the past.

Hi-Def can be delivered on a Blu-Ray or HD-DVD disc but can also be "down-converted" to Standard Defintion to be put on a standard DVD. John Hancock Productions will offer to provide your wedding video on Standard or High Definition formats

For more information about High Definition Video, please use the link provided below.
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