High Definition Video & Multiple Camera Angles

Full Time Video Professionals provide the experience needed to perfectly capture your special day on video without being intrusive during the wedding ceremony or reception.

Planning for Perfection is our key advantage and the foundation of our high quality standard of service. We attend your rehearsal to plan the details of our video coverage so that our cameras will be in the best possible positions to capture your wedding ceremony.

A Classical Sophisticated Style of shooting and editing that produces a soft and flowing presentation featuring multiple perspective and utilizing the best camera angles for each key moment. Coverage for your ceremony is continuous, emphasizing shot stability and artful composition.

High Definition Video provides greater image resolution compared to Standard Definition video. The superior quailty of HD provides amazing improvements to picture clarity and detail, enhancing your enjoyment as you watch your wedding video.

Multiple Camera Angles provides a richer selection of content, resulting in a more interesting and enjoyable presentation. More cameras allows us to include more close-up shots and to feature the most appropriate and flattering camera angle at any moment during your ceremony.

Titles and Effects are tastefully added to the finished edit of your wedding video so that it will always remain one of your most treasured keepsakes.

Attractive Custom Graphics are designed and printed on your DVD disc and DVD display box which complement the priceless content that we have captured.

Attention to Detail is apparent in our work and you can rest assured that your wedding video will be both artfully arranged and technically prepared to create the highest quality professional production so that you will enjoy it forever.